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5 Ways to Use Stickers for Business Purposes

Business doesn't really come to mind when you say the word stickers. Stickers are usually for kids right? Take a look around your office, or your school campus, look at peoples laptops or tablets. I will guarantee you, that you will see stickers all over the freaking place. Now try to tell me stickers are just for kids. See, a lot of things today like laptops and tablets for example, are boring to look at, all shiny and clean looking like. Stickers help add that flare and style to your personal device. You probably have some stickers on your laptop right now, dont you. Well when it comes to branding and marketing, stickers can help you business out a huge deal. Here five ways to use stickers for your business…
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Die Cut Stickers Vs. Kiss Cut stickers

A huge question when it comes getting stickers printed is whether to get them die cut or kiss cut. Although very, very similar, die and kiss stickers are unique in their own way. In its simplest form, one is cut through the vinyl and paper backing and the other keeps the paper backing intact. Just for arguments sake, if you chose to print the exact same thing, you will get exactly the same when applied to a surface, so what is the difference you ask. Die cut stickers are made to be cut through the vinyl and paper backing that it is made on. The finished product is a clean sticker with no useless space. Kiss cut stickers are a bit different, as the sticker is cut through the vinyl…
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Welcome to Stickers And Graphics

Hey welcome to our blog, we are a blog that goes over the making, printing and applications of stickers and graphics. There are not a lot of resources out there that teach you how to use stickers, so we decided to create the best resource on the internet to help you. We will go over things like, where to get stickers, how to apply vinyl stickers, how to apply vinyl wraps, different types of stickers, etc. Stay tuned for our awesome articles.
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