5 Ways to Use Stickers for Business Purposes

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Business doesn’t really come to mind when you say the word stickers. Stickers are usually for kids right?

Take a look around your office, or your school campus, look at peoples laptops or tablets. I will guarantee you, that you will see stickers all over the freaking place. Now try to tell me stickers are just for kids.

See, a lot of things today like laptops and tablets for example, are boring to look at, all shiny and clean looking like. Stickers help add that flare and style to your personal device. You probably have some stickers on your laptop right now, dont you.

Well when it comes to branding and marketing, stickers can help you business out a huge deal. Here five ways to use stickers for your business needs and purposes.

1) Free Sticker Swag

One of the best things someone can receive is something free. I love freebies, you love freebies, everyone loves freebies. You can use your own custom die cut logo stickers as free giveaways.

Picture this, you are at some event right, instead of giving out business cards, give out stickers. If you have built a cool enough brand or built enough rapport with the person, they will love the stickers and slap them on all their gadgets. Now you have a fan for life, and a brand advocate. A free walking billboard!

2) Window Decals

A real easy upgrade to your storefront or office are window decals. Window decals easily improve the look of your place of business by adding a custom message, or even having your business hours. Most sticker places will make any type of sticker to display on windows or glass.

3) Packaging

Talking from experience, I have bought products in the past by how nice their labels are. Creating a custom sticker label for your products will have an impact on your sales. Just how some people judge books by their cover, so do people when buying products. Adding custom stickers to your products will certainly make your products stick out.

4) Equipment

If you work out in the public a lot, maybe in coffee shops or local lounges or pubs. Its a good idea to tag your equipment with stickers. Putting your stickers on pretty much anything will help your brand get out there. You can put them on your bike, garbage bins, backpack, anything!

5) Car Decals

A moving billboard is a good billboard. Why not put a custom logo on your car? Its great real estate for your brand, and it will get you seen in a lot of places and by a lot of people.


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