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A huge question when it comes getting stickers printed is whether to get them die cut or kiss cut. Although very, very similar, die and kiss stickers are unique in their own way. In its simplest form, one is cut through the vinyl and paper backing and the other keeps the paper backing intact.

Just for arguments sake, if you chose to print the exact same thing, you will get exactly the same when applied to a surface, so what is the difference you ask.

Die cut stickers are made to be cut through the vinyl and paper backing that it is made on. The finished product is a clean sticker with no useless space.

Kiss cut stickers are a bit different, as the sticker is cut through the vinyl only, and leaves the paper backing in tact. You can also add extra design around the kiss cut sticker for an added flare, but most people will throw that portion out anyway, so it is a waste in my opinion.

When should you use one over the other?

A lot of suppliers we know, like our friends over at sticker-source, use a die cut sticker for most of their designs, their star wars stickers are all die cut, which gives them a clean finish and little waste. They use die cut because it looks a lot cleaner.

For some of their custom stickers they use kiss cut. Kiss cut stickers are more ideal for delicate designs, the paper backing that is left around the sticker actually helps the sticker survive transport and handling. Kiss cut stickers are also easier to peel, if that makes up for anything.

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